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We are an independent multi-disciplinary practice providing a wide range of building and engineering services from basic surveys to complete project management and maintenance management.

Parry & Partners was established in 2009 by Greg Owen Parry of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) to specialise in building services surveying from an engineering and contracting background - to provide a strategy that proved to be highly effective in assessing the energy performance of the more complex commercial buildings. Stephen Maddocks of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor has recently joined the company and brings with him a wealth of experience following many years in private practice. As a Chartered Surveyor Stephen has experience in all aspects of Building Surveying and Projects Management.

With our particular blend of skills we have created a unique service designed to influence, determine and develop key objectives - leading to improved energy efficiency. Whatever your requirements, you need look no further than Parry & Partners.

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Parry & Partners UK in Manchester and Liverpool our accredited Level 4 Non-domestic energy assessors and provide commercial energy performance certificates for all types of commercial buildings.

The commercial energy assessor in Manchester will need to understand the internal layout of the building and for what purposes it is designed to be used. This is to understand the energy demands of each individual space (zone) in accordance with its designed use.

The commercial energy assessor in Wirral, Liverpool will need to validate (via plans and/or physical survey) zone distances, thermal insulation and building services. The SBEM software will use the information provided by the commercial energy assessor and standard performance tables and will produce the Energy Performance Certificate and Recommendation Report.

If there are no plans for a building, the commercial energy assessor will need to survey the building and gather the appropriate information. If you have up-to date information and plans for your building this process will be less time consuming.

The commercial energy assessor North-West is responsible for ensuring the information used in the commercial energy certificate or energy performance certificate is accurate and, even where detailed plans are available, may need to validate this information by making a site inspection.

Commercial Energy Assessors Wirral, Merseyside will need to be qualified for the type of building being assessed to produce a commercial energy performance certificate. For non-dwelling energy performance certificates, the levels are:

  • level 3 – simple, existing non-dwellings: small buildings such as converted houses or doctor's surgeries (using SBEM)
  • level 4 – new and existing non-dwellings: eg small purpose-built office buildings (using SBEM)

The commercial energy assessor Warrington, North-West will then record the energy performance certificate onto the national register via his or her accreditation body and provide the seller or prospective landlord with the EPC.

Government approved accreditation schemes monitor the quality of commercial energy assessment and Energy Performance certificate by ensuring commercial energy assessors are competent and possess the appropriate skills to conduct commercial energy assessments.

An Energy Performance Certificate should be properly recorded, by the commercial energy assessors in Warrington, Merseyside, in the central register for non-dwellings which contains all Commercial Energy Performance Certificate. A commercial Energy Performance Certificate is identified by a unique reference number that relates only to your premises.

Checking the authenticity of your non-domestic energy assessor in Manchester and Liverpool.

All non-domestic energy assessors in Liverpool and Manchester must be accredited. If you wish to check that a commercial energy assessor is a member of an accreditation scheme, you can do this in two ways:

  • verify the credentials of your commercial energy assessor on-line via which provides a national register of accredited energy assessors. This will allow you to search on the commercial energy assessor's name or accreditation scheme membership number
  • ask your non-domestic energy assessor which accreditation scheme they are a member of (and their membership number). The accreditation scheme can confirm that your commercial energy assessor is accredited to practise as a level 4 non-domestic energy assessor. If you want to find a suitably accredited commercial energy assessor in your area to provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate, use This will allow you to search for a list of accredited commercial energy assessors in your area that you can contact to do your commercial energy assessment. Ensure the level 4 commercial energy assessor is accredited for the type of building being assessed.
  • Level 3 and 4 buildings

    Level 3 energy assessments and level 4 commercial energy assessments may both be assessed using SBEM. Currently the only distinction between these two levels is on the basis of HVAC systems.

    A level 3 building includes frequently occurring characteristics such as simple heating systems, simple natural ventilation and small comfort cooling systems.

    simple heating systems (Boiler Systems up to 100kw)

    small comfort cooling systems (up to 12kw)

    (2 linked boilers of 75kW is level 4).

    Level 4

    Level 4 buildings are all buildings that have any HVAC services that are not defined in the “frequently occurring“ list. In practice the following would be classified as level 4 HVAC:

    • linked boilers totalling more than100kw
    • multi split cooling systems and VRF systems
    • Central air conditioning: AHU, All-air, Air/water, Chillers

    The accreditation bodies ensure their members are properly qualified and competent to conduct commercial energy assessments. If you wish to check the accreditation details of your commercial energy assessor, you should contact their accreditation body who should be able to verify that they are accredited to practise as a level 4 commercial energy assessor. The website only shows properly qualified and accredited commercial energy assessors. You should check they are suitably qualified for the type of building being assessed.

    If you have been given an EPC and wish to check its authenticity, you can access the register by entering the reference number on the commercial energy certificate. If you cannot find your commercial energy certificate or energy performance certificate in the register or you have any concerns regarding the authenticity of the information contained within the commercial energy certificate, you should contact the accreditation body of your non- domestic energy assessor. The commercial energy assessor details, their accreditation scheme and their membership number should be on the non-domestic energy certificate.