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Building Log Book's

The Building Regulations Part L 2006 now require a building log book to be produced for new buildings and existing buildings when the services are changed. The general philosophy behind log books is that they should improve the understanding, management and operation of buildings, providing the building manager with easily understood information about how the building is meant to work, resulting in lower running costs and reduced CO2 emissions. This will also contribute to improved occupant comfort, satisfaction and productivity. Specifically, they provide a place to record ongoing building energy performance, which should help improve energy efficiency.

The Building log book should be reviewed annually as part of the organisations quality assurance system and an entry should be made for each review. Building Log Book's include:

  • Annual review & updates to the log book
  • Purpose & responsibilities
  • Links to other key documents
  • Commissioning, Handover & Compliance
  • Overall building design
  • Summary of areas/occupancy
  • Summary of main building services plant
  • Overview of controls/BEMS
  • Building user information (Optional)
  • Metering, Monitoring & Targeting Strategy
  • Building performance records
  • Summary of maintenance requirements (Optional)
  • Major alterations
  • Results of in-use investigations (Optional)

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